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Resilience Coaching

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Every athlete needs mental toughness. In this course I dissect the different elements needed for you to grow your grit. 10 modules. Included: a video on each module as well as a booklet for the whole course. This is course will help athletes, coaches and parents.

All you need is a Vimeo account and internet access.
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Gielie Hoffmann

Gielie Hoffmann works as a Performance Coach with athletes. His focus is to grow a culture that develops resilience.

His work has branched out to organisational behavior in the corporate sector. Here he facilitates workshops where the objective is optimising performance.

He writes books, designs on-line courses and speaks at live-events.


The Voice in your head

The Voice in your head I am always intrigued by the way we talk to ourselves.  Especially in times of turmoil.  The tone of that

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Ownership. Taking ownership.   Making sure you’ve done everything you can to end up where you want to be. In my upcoming book – #TheToughAthlete

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Be Brave.

Be Brave. Heights. I never feared them. Or loved them. But I remember when, as a teenager, I got the opportunity to go ab-sailing. I

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Talent. Seeing athletes achieve new heights gets everybody excited about sport.  It remains the one example of what we as humans can really do if

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This is your journey.

This is your journey. Young athlete.  This is your journey.  Meaning: it will be like no one else’s. The quicker you realise it, the better.

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