This is your journey.

Young athlete.  
This is your journey.  
Meaning: it will be like no one else’s. The quicker you realise it, the better.  
Maybe you will be successful from the start. Probably not.  
You will have disappointments along the way: losses, injuries, people, schedules not working out, not getting selected for a team.  
This is part of your journey. Don’t wish it away. If you deal with it correctly you are still on your journey.  
Don’t compare yourself with others. As the wise man said: comparison is the thief of joy. If you want to have a miserable journey, keep comparing yourself.  
Be open to change. Yes, you may have an end destination in mind. But there are many roads leading to that destination. Change roads if you need to.  
Listen to the directions along the way. You don’t have to travel blindly. Take advice. Plan ahead. You are behind the wheel; don’t be a passenger on this journey.  
Take in the scenery. You may never see it again. Enjoy seeing a new place or meeting a great person.  
If you feel like giving up, find a tree. Sit under it. Rest. Reconsider. And get up. Keep going. Your destination might be around the corner.
It’s an epic journey. Many has ventured on it. Only a few has made it. Nobody knows who will make it.  
Therefor, start your journey. Grow resilience. Now.

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